Monday, February 18, 2013

ABC's of ME

Thanks to Holli's Hoots and Hollers (great blog - you should check it out), I got the idea to share with you some more facts about my life - in ABC format.  Most of the questions are the same as hers but I did change two of them.

A-     Age: Will turn 39 on March 7
B-      Bedsize: Full
C-      Chore you Hate: Dishes
D-     Drink of Choice: Wine, preferably chardonnay
E-      Essential start to your day item : Coffee
F-      Favorite color: Blue
G-     Gold or Silver: Silver
H-     Height: 5’0”
I-        Instruments I play(ed)-I too own a guitar, just like Holli, but have yet to take lessons.  I did play alto saxophone in high school.
J-       Job : Administrative Temp.  Also in my final semester at school to study Medical Coding.
K-      Kids: None
L-       Living arrangement: By myself in a 1 bedroom, but would like a 2-bedroom someday for a photography studio
M-   Mom’s name: Vicki
N-     Nicknames: Don't really have one
O-     Overnight hospital stay: When I was 12, I had back surgery for scoliosis.  At the time it was a week-long stay.
P-      Pet Peeve: People who talk during movies in theaters, which is why I never go to movie theaters anymore.
Q-     Quote of Inspiration: "Be the change you wish to see in the world" - Ghandi
R-      Right or left handed: Left
S-      Siblings: Two brothers, Patrick and David
T-      Time I wake up:  6 am during the week and 8 or 9 am on the weekends.
U-     Underwear: Cotton briefs since they are comfortable
V-     Vegetables I dislike: I would have to agree with Holli and say Brusells sprouts.  Don't like sprouts of any kind, actually.
W-   What makes you run late: Checking my Twitter account
X-      X-rays I’ve had: Just the ones before and after my back surgery.
Y-      Yummy food I make: I'm known for my green bean casserole, and I also enjoy simple appetizers like stuffed mushrooms or barbecued meatballs (in the slow cooker).
            Z-      Zoo favorite: I always enjoy seeing the giraffes.  They are so graceful.

So there's me in a 26-letter nutshell.  Have a great week everyone!


  1. what? you mean i'm finally taller than someone else. :)
    stuffed mushrooms sound divine right now!! I like what you changed the quote to -Inspiration. Perfect!

    1. Thanks, Holli! For the compliment and the inspired post.

  2. How fun ... I have this post going up next week! This is such a clever way for people to get to know more about you!
    I love green bean casserole!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

    1. Thanks, Reagan! I look forward to reading your answers.