Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Daring To Be Different At The WOCC Car Show

Anyone who has seen the other posts on this blog knows I love classic cars.  And the best place I found so far to see a wide variety of these beauties was at the Car Show In The Park, sponsored by the Waukesha Old Car Club.  It was held August 12th in Frame Park along the Fox River in downtown Waukesha, and due to the park's size, was so big and full of classic cars, I think I saw only about 75% of them. 
Instead of featuring the more commonly seen classic cars, I decided to focus this post on the more unusual entries I saw that day.  The car above really caught my eye the moment I saw it, not only because I love to watch surfing competitions on TV, but also because of the fun, bright colors.


 This produce delivery truck even featured a price board of what the items would have cost in the 1930's.

At first, I thought this car was just old and rusty when I went up to it.  But as I was standing taking photos, someone mentioned that this car had survived a fire and that's what caused the rusty look.

This car was quite a show-stopper.  It not only had boot-leather type seats, but fringe on the bumper.

This was another car that caught my eye immediately from farther down the line.  I think I heard that the owner keeps the wind-up on the car at all times, not just for the show.

The last two cars here are not unique, but I loved the designs, and especially the colors.  Turquoise is my favorite color.

It was another fun day taking photos at the WOCC Car Show in the Park.  So much so, I ran through my battery and had to use my Android phone to take some more photos.  I may feature those on a future post if they turn out well. 

For more information on the Waukesha Old Car Club, visit

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