Thursday, August 16, 2012

Beautiful Day in Milwaukee

Last Friday, I did a very stupid thing.  I accidentally spilled hot coffee on my laptop, and the keys on the right-hand side of the keyboard were getting so stuck I had to take it to a local fix-it shop, and didn't get it back until yesterday.  So, I decided to spend the entire weekend taking photos.  On Saturday, I planned on going to the Morning Glory Craft Fair in downtown Milwaukee (which I did attend) and brought along my camera to shoot photos of the city later in the afternoon.  Sunday, I attended a classic car show in my hometown (more on that later).

After attending the craft fair, I wandered down the riverwalk towards Milwaukee's Theater District, and took a photo of the Milwaukee Reperatory Theater (above) as well as the Pabst Theater (below).  I'm trying to get more photos of architectural details, which interest me a lot.

I then headed over the Old World Third Street where they have a lot of cool bars, restaurants, Usinger Sausage and the Wisconsin Cheese Mart, which is pictured below.  I love the burnt orange color of the bricks and the gothic sconce.

From there I went down to 4th Street and State Street, because I read in the book Off The Beaten Path Wisconsin (Hintz & Percy) that the inventor of the typewriter once lived on that corner.  Sure enough, there is a plaque on the corner across from the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel building that commemorates the inventor.  It wasn't very exciting, or else I would have taken a photo.

On the way back from that marker, I saw how cool Turner Hall, a concert and dance hall, looked reflected in the BMO Harris/Bradley Center, another concert/sports arena.  So I got as close as I could, and got this fun shot:

I also took a shot of the Journal Sentinel building's gothic-looking sconces:

The most interesting shot I got on Saturday was of a wedding party taking photos near Pere Marquette park near 4th and State Street.  Although, I believe the photos being taken are just of the bride (and I love her dress), but you can see what look to be groomsmen in matching turquoise ties off to the side.  I'm thinking this is part of Asian tradition.

I had a really fun time taking photos in downtown Milwaukee, although I wished I could have stayed longer and closer to sunset since the photos I took were kind of bright.  I'm hoping to go down some Sunday close to evening and take more photos.  I just love the city's architecture, and I'm excited to explore some more.

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