Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Etsy Store: Jay J Studio

My new Etsy store, Jay J Studio is open!  I closed my old shop, Blue Jay Beads, in which I tried to sell my hand-made beaded jewelry, and used it to create my new shop which focuses on handmade blank cards using my own photography.  I just opened it today, so it only has a few cards in it to sell, but more are forthcoming.  If you are looking for unique cards using local photography, please visit my shop at  Even if what I have to sell is not what you need, you can go to to find all sorts of items from art to vintage items to household goods, and all of it's shops are independently owned.  I'm proud to be one of Etsy's growing list of artisans, and, even though I'm not expecting huge sales, I'm excitied to see what demand my photography might bring. 

If you've ever thought of selling one of your own works, Etsy is great for that, too.  For only $.20 a listing and 3.5% of your profit, you can open your own shop.  Go to for details.

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