Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Full Moon Fever

It seems like every time there has been a full moon in my part of Wisconsin lately, it has been cloudy or I haven't had my camera with me.  But tonight, I FINALLY had a chance to take a shot of this bi-monthly phenomenon.  Now, since my telephoto lens only goes up to 250 mms, the above shot was the best I could do.  I even used the "Unsharp Mask" a few times in Photoshop Elements to enhance the moon's craters and shadows.  But, I'm very excited to say I got a full moon shot.  I can't wait until fall when I can shoot the more exciting harvest moon.  It will be a lot cooler too - today's heat index was close to 100 and there is no relief in sight.  I did, however, see some rain this morning, so there is hope - someday.

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