Monday, May 28, 2012

Road Trip: Wisconsin Auto Museum

Yesterday, I spent our area's first 90 degree day for the year 30 minutes north of Milwaukee in Hartford, where I visited the Wisconsin Automobile Museum.  They had an impressive 2-story collection of cars, trucks and other motorized vehicles, mostly from two of Wisconsin's best known manufacturers, Nash and Kissel.  Both manufacturers are out of business now, but in their heydays, they were great contributors to our state's job market.

The museum didn't present their automobiles chronologically, which was kind of nice, since you could find a car from 1948 located next to one from the 1920's, so it was kind of an adventure.  They did house most of their early-20th century vehicles together, which you can see above and from my photos below:

Ford Model T
The rest of the lower level contained automobiles spanning from the 1920's to the 1950's as seen below:

 They even had a Tucker automobile, for anyone that remembers the Jeff Bridges movie, Tucker: A Man and His Dream:

The upper level had automobiles from the 1950's to 1990, where they had a Mazda Miata on display.  They had Chevys and Studebakers:

A Rambler, just like the one on "3rd Rock From The Sun":


A Delorean, Back To The Future-style:

And an Excalibur, which I'd never heard of before, but found very interesting:

Also, on the upper level, they had a locomotive, which I believe they were in the process of restoring.  I wasn't sure if I was allowed in that area, but I went in anyway and took these two shots:

 I had a very enjoyable day at the Wisconsin Automobile Museum.  The only downside was I hoped to see an Edsel, but there wasn't one to be found.  I did get to see a lot of unique, classic automobiles, and you can too.  For more information, go to

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  1. You'll likely never see this comment, but so you know, that *IS* the Rambler from 3rd Rock From The Sun! The show's producers donated it.