Saturday, May 5, 2012

Great Photo Race: Springtime

This week's theme for the Great Photo Race was Springtime.  I didn't do too well, only getting 6 votes for the photo above, but I was happy I wasn't at the bottom.  There were a lot of photos of flowers, both in groups and singular.  The photos that got the most votes were different - a couple of cactuses (or is it cacti?) with flowers, animals (including fuzzy ducklings), and one of a nest of eggs.  My favorite was of a lone robin with great depth of focus.  The robin was crystal clear and the background was completely blurred.  That one came in somewhere in the middle of the pack.

This week's theme is Fences.  To see all of last week's entries and the new ones for the week, go to  Happy Snapping!

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