Friday, April 27, 2012

Photowalk #1: Bay View Milwaukee

Last Saturday, I participated in my first organized group photowalk, courtesy of the Flickr group Cream City: Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  This month, the neighborhood we toured was Bay View, on the southeast side of Milwaukee.  This is by far my most favorite area of the city, full of cool restaurants and shops, mostly independently owned.  Before the photowalk I purchased two CD's at Rushmor (, in celebration of Record Store Day.  And people were actually buying albums, including the guy behind me in line who had his hands on a rare Nirvana album that used to only be available in Europe.

I had never met any of the photographers in the group before, but everyone was very nice and relaxed.  No artistic snobs amongst us.  We started out having a beer at Sugar Maple (, a restaurant/bar known for it's HUGE selection of craft beers from around the world.  From there, we meandered down Bay View's pretty streets where nearly every house is Victorian in style, down to the KK river and then back towards the shopping district.  Below are just some of the photos I took:

Here are some of my attempts at more "artistic" photos around the neighborhood:

To see more photos from all of Cream City: Milwaukee Wisconsin's photowalks and to find out where we'll be next, go to

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