Saturday, April 28, 2012

Great Photo Race #1-3

I love photography.  I do love my own, but I especially love seeing how other photographers interpret subjects.  This is why I'm thrilled to be part of a wonderful online photography challenge group called  Every week, there is a theme that you submit 1 photograph to, and your fellow participants vote (or boost) your photo.  The one with the most boosts wins, even though it's just bragging rights.  I've only been a part of this group for the last 3 weeks, but they have already generated 70 themed challenges, including #70, Springtime (going on now).

The first one I submitted (above) was for the Lighthouse theme.  I did pretty well, getting 18 votes among my "competitors".  The best thing about is that you get feedback on your photos as the week goes by.  This is great for an amateur like me, who has never taken a photography class, and wouldn't know how to adjust shutter speed if you put a gun to my head (I'm learning though, thanks to my new Canon DSLR).  This is different from some other photo challenges, such as PhotoFriday, where you just post your URL and hope it does well.

The above picture was submitted for the Red theme.  This one didn't do so well, only getting 5 "boosts".  From seeing, and voting, on other photos from that week, I knew it just wasn't up to par.  I took the photo at about 2:00 in the afternoon on a sunny day.  Not the most optimum time of day to take any photo, much less one with such bright colors.  This was brought up to me by other photographers on the site, and the lesson was learned - if you take pictures of something bright, make sure it's an overcast day or either just after sunrise or just before sunset.

This last picture, my entry from this past week, was for the Aviation theme.  I took it at the EAA Museum (mentioned in the post below) of "Marge" and got a lot of nice comments from the other photographers.  I got lucky with this shot.  There weren't too many other planes close by to distract from the subject, and the shutter on my old point-and-shoot stayed open long enough to make sure it didn't come out blurry.  I did better with this one, getting 17 boosts.  Not the top of the list (that person got 38 boosts) but nicely situated in the middle of the pack.

This week's theme is Springtime, as I mentioned above.  If you have a great photo you would like to submit, just join the group and go for it.  The web-site is

Happy Snapping!

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