Saturday, February 6, 2016

Snow Time: National Snow Sculpting Competition

Did you know that Lake Geneva, Wisconsin is the home of the United States National Snow Sculpting Competition?  Not only that, but that they have hosted this event for the last 21 years?  I didn't until I found out about it this morning on Twitter.  Since the temperature this February has been above normal, I headed down to Lake Geneva to get photos of the competition before a thaw set in.  In fact, when I was down on the lakefront, I saw that they allowed cars to park on the frozen lake due to the popularity of the event and lack of parking downtown.  Hours later, as I was working on my photos, the sun came out, the lake got warmer, and many cars that were parked on the lake plunged into the water due to the melted ice. 

But, the competition itself was a fun event. When I got down to the lakefront, I felt like it was Groundhog Day.  Not the holiday, the movie (one of my all time favorites).  They even played "The Pennsylvania Polka" while I was there, which reinforced the film's similarity.  I half-expected someone to come up to me asking "Here to see the snow sculptures?"

The sculptures themselves were amazing!  I am still in awe of what the competitors came up with for their sculptures.  I will let the photos speak for themselves.

The snow sculptures will be on display this week as long as the temperature keeps them from melting.  I'm thinking 3 to 4 days tops.

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