Saturday, September 13, 2014

Up and Away: Milwaukee International Kite Festival

Last Sunday, I attended day 2 of the Milwaukee International Kite Festival on Lake Michigan.  It was a gorgeous sunny day as you can see from the photos I took.  The only problem was there wasn't a lot of wind, so getting photos of groups of kites was sort of hard.  But the free festivaal was a great family- (and dog) friendly event. 

Although the event started officially at noon, they did have stunt kite flyers practicing their synchronized moves (as above).  And families started flying their own kites later in the morning.  There were some very fun-looking kites that they brought, such as the red squid below.

Prior to the "big launch" at noon, they had a special patriotic kite while playing "The National Anthem".

My favorite kite of the day was a dragon, which, when viewed from the side looked really cool.

Along with the kites they had bands, great food, sports celebrities and even a rock wall.  This festival was in its 34th year, and it looks like it was fun for all involved.

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