Friday, October 18, 2013

On the Move: From Suburbia to Suburban Milwaukee

I'm very excited to tell you all that in two weeks I will be MOVING!!!  I'm staying in the Milwaukee area, but will be moving from Waukesha County, where I've lived my whole life and have been itching to get out of, to a suburb of Milwaukee called Wauwatosa.  I have loved Wauwatosa for over ten years so I'm super thrilled that I will now be living there.  I recently got a job in Menomonee Falls, WI which is about a 10 minute commute from my new place (as opposed to the 30 minute commute I travel now), and my new city has the most charming downtown, which they call the Village of Wauwatosa.  My favorite brunch place is there (in the photo above), Café Hollander, and another great restaurant, Cranky Al's (in the photo below) has the best doughnuts I've ever had.

Firefly, a restaurant up the street from Café Hollander, has a fabulous happy hour with very tasty appetizers.  There are also a ton of other great restaurants I've either been to or want to check out, including Le Rev, Juniper 61, Rocket Baby Bakery, McCormick & Schmidt's, Maxie's Southern Comfort, and its sister-restaurant, Blue's Egg, which is also famous for its brunch (the hash brown brick is to die for).  Wauwatosa also has an amazing Farmers Market on Saturday mornings, but I believe last weekend was their last for the year.  I can't wait until next May when it opens again.

I took the last two photos of Wauwatosa's village when I attended their Green Festival last summer.  It was great to see all the sustainable and free trade items that they promoted for sale.  I'm hoping to take better photos of my new city as soon as I settle in.

The only downside to where I'm moving to in Wauwatosa, is my normal route into the Village will be cut off due to construction for the next YEAR.  But, I have a plan for alternative routes.  I'm definitely not giving up my favorite pancakes and sausage at Café Hollander, or Le Rev's amazing desserts.

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