Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy 72nd Birthday, John!

John Lennon would have turned 72 today.  Lennon has always been one of my favorite singer-songwriters, from his days with The Beatles to his solo work.  My personal favorite song of his is "Give Peace A Chance" which I also have as a bumper sticker on my car.  I also remember, at age 7, watching the video for "Nobody Told Me" on MTV while staying up late at a slumber party.  It was two years after he had been assassinated.

On another note, Little Brown has come out with a new book featuring letters written by Lennon to various entities including Paul McCartney, former Beatle producer George Martin, and various publications.  The book is called The John Lennon Letters, it's edited by Hunter Davies, and is available at Barnes & Noble.

The above photo of a young Lennon was part of Harley Davidson's exbibit "Worn To Be Wild" and the one below was displayed in downtown Waukesha during the Gibson Guitar celebration.

Let me hear from you!  What is your favorite John Lennon song?  What do you remember most about his life and career?  Feel free to comment below.

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