Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm Ready For My Close-Ups

I have never been that great at taking macro photographs, and I'll be the first to admit it.  But, recently, I upgraded my camera to a Canon EOS 3 and bought a detachable telephoto lens to go with it.  This has completely changed my life.  I'm so excited to start using this telephoto lens to take great macro photos.  I may be taking a trip to the Milwaukee County Zoo soon, and every photographer I've read about online that took pictures at a zoo used a telephoto lens to get great shots.  This is due to the fact that the telephoto lens, used up close to any fencing in front of an animal exhibit, will blur the fencing to create a much better shot than a point-and-shoot.

I took the photo above and the ones below at Holy Hill near Richfield, WI on the way back from the WI Auto Museum over the Memorial Day weekend.  I used my telephoto lens on most of them, and they turned out great (the only bad part was I suffer from vertigo, and in order to get the shots of the top of the chapel, I had to aim my camera right above my head which made me unsteady - thank goodness I bought the telephoto lens with image stabiliazation).

I took the next two pictures with my regular, wide-angle lens, but I figured out how to adjust the aperture to let more light in, since it was very dark at the back of the chapel.

The photo above and the others below, were taken with my old Kodak point-and-shoot camera, which has served me very well with macros (it doesn't work very well indoors in low-light, which is why I upgraded to the Canon).  I often take the Kodak with me to work in case I get inspiration to take photos during lunch or afterwards and don't want to lug the Canon and all of its attachments with me (also great if you want to take photos in a not-so-great neighborhood - nobody will want to steal a $200 camera.  Or street photography where you want to be non-obtrusive).

I'm hoping to take more macro photography now that I have the Canon with the telephoto lens, and enhance my portfolio.  I'll post more as I gain more confidence.

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